Author: Sunil Yadav

Hi, This is Sunil Yadav, I am full stack dev. I have a passion for learning and sharing my knowledge with others as publicly as possible.

How can we debug the Shopify POS app in chrome?

There are the following steps to debug the Shopify app. If you want to create your Shopify app into pos, You can visit this post. Login to Shopify POS app android or ios. Click on the store. Click…

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Create a Shopify app into POS(Point of Sale)

POS provides a facility that merchants can use Shopify POS to sell in person with Shopify. Merchants can create a cart for each customer, customize the cart in several ways, and then accept payment with a wide range…

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Javascript var, let and const with examples.

Var, let and const keywords are used to declare variables in Javascript. Var is the oldest keyword for declaring variables. And let and const are introduced in ES6. Scope:Var: function scopelet: Block scopeconst: block scope like let but…

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Find the number of true in the array.

Create a function trueCount which returns the number of true values in the array. Examples Solution: const count_true = r => r.filter(Boolean).length or function trueCount(arr) { const trueCount = arr.reduce((total, item)=>total+Number(item), 0) return trueCount;}

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React-native push-notification locally and generate token for remote notification.

Hello, Today I have created demo application for notification in react-native. I have used react-native-push-notification. In this project, I have sent locally notification and generate token for remote notification. To see the demo, click here.  Follow the following…

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How to implement user-selectable language for your react-native app.

Yesterday, I build the app which convert the app language. User have two option, either select language as mobile language or select language from multiple language. I have used the react-native-i18n. So implement user-selectable language for your react-native app follow…

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How to make firebase authentication in react-native.

Firebase is a platform for building iOS, android as well as web-based apps like in React Native. it offers storage, real-time database, authentication and user-notification, Crash Reporting,   Cloud Firestore, Cloud Functions, Hosting, Performance Monitoring, Test Lab for Android  etc. To know more about…

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How to make group chat in React-Native using firebase (Realtime database).

I was sceptical about Firebase with react-native. But after using Firebase with react-native, realised me that it’s awesome. Using Firebase is able to speed up mobile app and web app development . Here i am going to create a…

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React-Native – Environment Setup

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In this post, we will learn how to set up an environment for successful React-Native development. There are many steps involve in it. Step 1. Install node js + sudo apt-get update + sudo apt-get install nodejs +…

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