An IP address (Internet Protocol address) is unique identification of each device which is a numeric label assigned to each device which is connected to internet network  and uses the Internet Protocol for communication.

If you need the setup internet connection or need allow other people to connect to your Computer, you need your computer IP address. It also required when you want to troubleshoot network problems.

Find IP (Internet Protocol ) address in window

  1. Do the following steps.
    • .In window 8 .1, go to start button and search View network connections.
    • In window 7, go to control panel,  select Network and Sharing Center then select View network connection
    • .
  2. Select active network connection, and then select View status of this network. Clicked on Change Adapter setting.
  3. Select Details , your computer IP address will appear.

Find IP (Internet Protocol ) address in Ubuntu.

  1. Click the system menu which is top right screen of your computer.  and select System Setting.
  2. Select Network.
  3. Click Wired or  Wireless from left list (According to your requirement which network connection you want IP address).
  4.  After click Wired or Wireless, your internal IP address will be displayed.


NOTE:- There is website which give your computer IP address.    

Find IP (Internet Protocol ) address in Ubuntu using terminal.

  1. Open terminal by searching terminal in search bar.
  2. Type command ifconfig and press enter. IP Address will be displayed as given image.

Find IP (Internet Protocol ) address in Mac.

When computer or mac is connected to network or internet, it is assigned number label or an address on the network that is called IP address. The IP address is basically a combination four set separated by dot (.) and each set have three digit number. There are three methods to find IP address of your Mac. Follow this guide to find IP address in MAC.

Method 1:-
  1. Go to you apple icon, which is top left of the screen.
  2. Select System Preferences.


3. Search the Network option and select Network.


4. After select Network, click your connected network from left side list. you will find the IP address from right side.


        Method 2:-
  1. You have to follow all above four steps. Select advanced button at bottom right corner of step no. 4 in method 1.
  2. You have to click TCP/IP tab to see IP address.
        Method 3:-
  1. Go to your utilities section of your Application folder and search terminal.
  2. Type command ifconfig | grep “inet ” | grep -v  This command removes the entry,
  3. IP address will be displayed after init entry



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