In this post, we will learn how to set up an environment for successful React-Native development. There are many steps involve in it.

Step 1. Install node js

+ sudo apt-get update
+ sudo apt-get install nodejs
+ sudo apt-get install npm

Step:2– Install watchman

+ sudo apt-get install python-dev
+ sudo apt-get install automake
+ sudo apt-get install autoconf
+sudo apt install git
+ git clone
+ cd watchman
+ git checkout v4.7.0
+ ./
+ ./configure
+ sudo su
+ make
+ sudo make install

Step:3– install react native

Go to fresh terminal and run this command.
+ sudo npm install -g react-native-cli

Note:- If you are getting any error to install react-native-cli, take help from here

Step:4– install flow

+ sudo npm install -g flow-bin
(close terminal)

Step:5–(Open fresh terminal)

+ cd Desktop
+ react-native init Example



*Install virtual box
+ sudo apt-get install virtualbox
*Install ‘Gennymotion'(androidEmulator) from official site.
+ chmod +x gennymotion-2.2.2_x64.bin //(version may vary)
+ ./gennymotion -2.2.3_x64.bin
* open genymotion ->add sdk to genymotion [setting>ADB>Browse (the location)]
 ->Start Emulator

* Run this command:(for android)
+ react-native run-android


For better knowledge go to this Video Tutorial.
For more help click here.

Android Sdk(Installer):-

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