Question 1: What is redux?
Answer:- Redux is state containers. It maintains state of whole application. It centralize the state whole application easily.

Question 2:- What is redux middleware in react?
Answer:- Redux middleware is very powerful tools which is a function that invoked after an action is dispatched but before a reducer takes care of the action.

Question 3:- Which function is used to create store in redux?
Answer:- createStore(reducers, applyMiddleware(logger));

Question 4:- What is action?
Answer:- Action is basically payloads of infromation that transfer data from your application state to the store. Redux is based on actions and reducers. Actions are dispatched and listened by reducers which modify the states.

Question 5:- Which is source of information for the store?
Answer:- Action

Question 6:- What is action creator?
Answer:- A function that return an action object, is action creator.

Question 7:- What is reducer?
Answer:- Reducer describe how the application’s state changes. Where action describe the fact that something happened. Click here for more details.

Question 8:- What is store?
Answer:- Store is the object that bring action and reducer together.It holds application state, and allow access to state using getState() function. also allows state to be updated using dispatch(action).

Question 9:- What is redux thunk?
Answer:- Redux Thunk is middleware that allows to write action creators which return a function instead of an action.