Function Description

Complete the getSecondLargest function in the editor below.

getSecondLargest has the following parameters:

  • int nums[n]: An array of integers number. (The largest number may be dublicate)


  • The second largest number

function getSecondLargest(nums) {
    // Complete the function
    let sLargest=-1;
    let fLargest = 0;  
    for(let i=0; i<nums.length; i++) {
        if(nums[i]> fLargest) {
            sLargest= fLargest;
            fLargest = nums[i];
         if(nums[i]> sLargest && nums[1] < fLargest) {

    return sLargest;

const secondLargestElement = getSecondLargest([2,6,3,90,3,2,67,78])

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